Welcome to Adzeek.com

Adzeek will be an upcoming ad network that will be easy to get into and will work on a cpc and cpm basis.

I wanted to start up an ad network after hearing of the many stories on how people have gotten banned from adsense and are not given a second chance. With this network, some might still get banned but not right off the bat.

With Adsense you can get banned even if it isn't your fault for the click fraud. If Adzeek Detects fraud on your account you won't be banned right away. You'll be notified of the problem and be given time to correct the problem and Adzeek.com will work with you in stopping the fraud.

Adzeek.com will do it's best to keep the publisher in the network and will provide a means of contact for both publishers and advertisers unlike Adsense who you can hardly contact.

With adsense you can get banned pretty quickly even if it ain't your fault and if you try to appeal you will get denied no matter how many times you tried.

Adzeek.com ad network is still in the works and there's no set date yet as to when it will launch.